Top 30 best-funded German startups 2019

Top startups of Germany

With the largest population in Europe and a diversified economy, Germany is a leading hub in Europe for startups and tech companies. The technologically-savvy and solvable German people provides a great base to support startups in their national and international expansion.

Involved in a number of industries and businesses, many of these startups are operating through software or cloud-based platform. Though the majority of these startups operate through technology, many of these companies are also involved in the financial sector, one of the most interesting sectors for disruption and accelerated growth. However, from e-commerce to industrial applications, from transportation to artificial intelligence, many German startups are also engaged in the application of technology to new verticals, and the disruption of a wide array of industries.

Though they may not be as famous as well-established German digital corporations, such as Rocket Internet or Zalando, many of these companies are already well-known in Germany and abroad, reaching a large population with their products and services. Others are not as famous in the general public, as these startups focus on certain business niches and take charge of problems faced by specific professions. Besides, startups often compete against each other, especially in the hyper-competitive field of financial services and FinTech. Nevertheless, a few of the leading German startups have already beaten these odds and reached the status of “Unicorn”, that is to say, a valuation of more than a billion dollars.

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List of the 30 top-funded startups from Germany

Here is the list of the top 30 best-funded German startups with details about each company, the total amount of funds received by the company in US $ or British £ according to Crunchbase, as of October 29, 2019 (with € converted to US $ with the rate of 1.10795 $/€), together with a direct link to the company’s website.

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Here are the top 30 best-funded startups from Germany. Did we forget any? Did you buy any product or service from them? Which one do you think provides the most useful product? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks for the overview! Europe and Germany have become such great locations for start-ups. Working for one of the fastest growing European (and German) start-ups myself, I was wondering if you could add Personio – The HR Operating System. Personio was founded in 2015 and after 12 months of boot-strapping, we’ve raised $54.2M so far.

365体育竞猜Personio develops a one-stop HR operating system for SMEs up to 2.000 employees. It makes HR departments more efficient by digitizing HR processes – from recruiting to managing, paying and developing people and thereby gives HR Managers more time for value creating tasks. The Munich based company is one of Europe‘s fastest-growing tech startups.

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    We didn’t find your company before our initial screening. Maybe because it is relatively young… and still need to develop your online presence?

    Anyway, be sure that we will include you on our checking list for an upcoming update!

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