Top 30 companies of Canada in the TSX index 2020

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The largest companies in Canada weigh heavily on the country’s economy and beyond. Here are the thirty largest companies in the Toronto Stock Exchange, presented with their activities, logos, and useful links.

TMX Toronto Stock Exchange logoIn Canada, companies are incorporated to get publicly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange – TSX. Though they have to follow the rules of securities regulation agencies, they can then gain access to capital from investors who buy their stocks.

The S&P/TSX Composite Index

365体育竞猜To easily grasp the evolution of the Canadian economy and stock market, the stocks of about 230 companies are aggregated in the S&P/TSX Composite Index, which is widely recognized as the benchmark index of Canada. It represents around 70% of the total market capitalization on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

365体育竞猜To be included, stocks of companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange must be trading above 1 C$ and represent at least 0.04% of the index by market capitalization. The S&P/TSX Composite is calculated as a capitalization-weighted index, where larger companies are weighted more heavily in the index.

For the complete list of the top 230 Canadian companies that constitute the S&P/TSX Composite index, and much more information on each company, check our Top 230 Canadian Companies Spreadsheet.

Evolution of the TSX index over 5 years
Evolution of the TSX over 5 years (Image: Google Finance)

365体育竞猜The real-time quotation of the TSX index can be followed with convenient graphical tools from a number of sources, including Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, etc.

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List of the 30 largest companies of the TSX index by market capitalization

365体育竞猜To help you learn more about the largest Canadian companies, the top 30 corporations in the TSX index have been listed hereafter. Each company is presented with details on its sector and industry, operations, market capitalization, a direct link to its website, logo and stock symbol. Companies are ranked by market capitalization in Canadian Dollars as of the effective close of Friday, February 7, 2020.

Note that if you are searching for information on these companies to invest in their stocks, make sure you know what you are doing as your investment will be subject to significant risks with the evolution of stock prices. To learn more about investing in the stock market and managing your portfolio, check our post on the best online courses on stock investing and trading.

Shortcuts to each company

To facilitate your browsing in this long list, here are quick links to go directly to the details of any of the top 30 TSX companies. Be sure to also check the Top 10 companies’ summary after the list!

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 25.5 Billion – Stock Symbol: L

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 26.6 Billion – Stock Symbol: FTS

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 26.8 Billion – Stock Symbol: PPL

– Market Cap.: C$ 27.6 Billion – Stock Symbol: GIB.A

 – Market Cap.: C$ 28.3 Billion – Stock Symbol: FNV

– Market Cap.: C$ 31.1 Billion – Stock Symbol: CSU

– Market Cap.: C$ 32.5 Billion – Stock Symbol: GWO

– Market Cap.: C$ 33 Billion – Stock Symbol: T

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 33 Billion – Stock Symbol: NTR

– Market Cap.: C$ 33.9 Billion – Stock Symbol: RCI.B

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 35.1 Billion – Stock Symbol: WCN

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 37.7 Billion – Stock Symbol: SLF

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 43 Billion – Stock Symbol: ABX

– Market Cap.: C$ 45.6 Billion – Stock Symbol: CNQ

– Market Cap.: C$ 48.7 Billion – Stock Symbol: CP

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 49 Billion – Stock Symbol: CM

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 51.3 Billion – Stock Symbol: ATD.B

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 51.7 Billion – Stock Symbol: MFC

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 54 Billion – Stock Symbol: TRI

– Market Cap.: C$ 57.2 Billion – Stock Symbol: SU

– Market Cap.: C$ 58 Billion – Stock Symbol: BCE

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 65.5 Billion – Stock Symbol: BMO

– Market Cap.: C$ 68.9 Billion – Stock Symbol: TRP

– Market Cap.: C$ 73.8 Billion – Stock Symbol: SHOP

– Market Cap.: C$ 88.8 Billion – Stock Symbol: BAM.A

– Market Cap.: C$ 89 Billion – Stock Symbol: CNR

– Market Cap.: C$ 90.4 Billion – Stock Symbol: BNS

– Market Cap.: C$ 113.6 Billion – Stock Symbol: ENB

– Market Cap.: C$ 137.3 Billion – Stock Symbol: TD

365体育竞猜 – Market Cap.: C$ 153.4 Billion – Stock Symbol: RY

Summary: Top 10 companies from Canada 2020

To give you a quick overview of the largest Canadian companies in the S&P/TSX Composite index in 2020, here is a synthesizing image regrouping the information of the top 10. Note that you can use this image to embed it on your website and other digital properties using the embed code below.

Top 10 companies from Canada 2020

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Here are the 30 largest public companies from Canada. Do you think they are worth their market capitalization? Are their stocks a good investment right now? Do they have too much economic power… and maybe political power too?

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